• Handmade Moments

    Once upon a time, people used to make moments.. with their hands. Then the evil white man came and brought his technology, killing the pixies and fairies...

  • Makin' Bakin'

    The Makin' Bakin' couple met as cake decorators in 2005. We have 20+ years of baking experience.Both our passions for baking stem from helping our grandmothers in the kitchen. Some of our best childhood memories are standing on a chair at the kitchen counter and getting to lick the mixing spoon. Baking together is how our family stays close. We encourage feedback and are willing to do small personal orders.

  • Madd Grasshopper

    Brittany Madalone is an artist and art teacher who dwells with her puppy in Central Arkansas. Although I she is not originally from here, she feels at home in the Natural State. Her prints, drawings, and paintings often depict nature. She has grown to greatly value the beauty and the importance of the inhuman world. In her work, Brittany ultimately aims to weave together the real and the unreal in order to rouse unique yet universal experiences of escape and adventure.

  • iWiSH

    Have you ever heard a friend say;
    •I wish I could make that...
    •I wish I had one of those...
    •I wish I had the time/patience...
    and then;
    •Can you make one for me...

  • Tisiphonni

    Krystal started like most of us did; with a box of crayons. The thing is, she spent a great deal of time breaking those crayons and melting them on light bulbs to see what new colors she could invent. (NOT an advisable behavior). Twenty some odd years later and she is still trying to create colors and experiences to both excite and inspire the eye. She finds beauty in everything and tries to capture it in her artwork. In early 2010 Krystal took on the pseudonym of Tisiphonni as an art label.

  • Green Light Gifts

    We are a family trying to lead more creative lives and inspire others to do the same by re-envisioning everyday items and producing less waste as we make lovely crafts. While GLG is a collaborative effort, Cherie is the primary artisan/up-cycler while Paulette writes poetry and depicts scenes from nature in her art.

  • Phil Morrison

    Phil Morrison is an authentic American with a story that should be read by anyone who believes we learn from our personal experience and national history. Seldom have so many forces come together to put a young sailor in the middle of events that would shape the context of a generation. During his rugged growing-up and the choices and circumstance that led Phil (and his brother) to be in the bull’s-eye of actions in the Tonkin Gulf in 1964, his narrative captures the courage, fortitude, faith, and perseverance that his country would need long into his lifetime.


  • Smooth Yoga

    True Alisandre, ERYT has been a yoga teacher since the 70's and recently retired as a massage  therapist in 2007. I call my art Pictures of Health, since they reflect smooth, spontaneous lines that I have presented to people in massages & yoga classes. 

  • Faulkner County Public Library

    The Faulkner County Library offers a multitude of books, programs and services to the community.

  • Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre

    To entertain, engage, and enrich the community by creating professional and accessible productions of Shakespeare and other works that promote educational opportunities, community involvement, and the highest artistic standards.

  • Garden Press

    Garden Press is a fresh juice company local to the Little Rock area. We provide daily fruit and vegetable juice that is sourced from the organic farms and gardens in our local community. Select from our nutrient-dense, seasonal blends for optimum flavor, or ask us to blend a juice to your specific wellness needs or desires! We are here to make fresh juice more accessible to you. We buy the produce from our local growers, juice it, and handle all the cleanup so you don't ever have to again! 

  • Julia Pistole

    Julia Pistole is a writer and artist from Clinton, Arkansas who specializes in poetry and portraits. She is the founder of Poetry for Peace, an organization that benefits The Dove House through sales of her recently published book, "Old Hats, Rosy Cheeks, and Young Hearts." Her poetry has been published in various literary magazines and newspapers, including The Van Buren County Democrat, Vox Poetica, and The Vortex. 

  • Los Tibiriches

    After living in Los Angeles, California for more than 30 years my husband and I decided to pack our bags and leave the congested city behind to a simpler way of living. After many trials and errors we came across a tranquil piece of land that was calling for our help. After some hard work our result was a small family-run farm. 

  • Creative Coffee Club Jewelry

    Pat Haggard, Linda Sigler, and Jan Guthrie comprise Creative Coffee Club Jewlery.  We started in January 2012 making earrings on a kitchen table.  We are now in our own studio.  Through workshops and practice we have honed our skills and displayed our products at two craft fairs. We also have an Etsy website, and some of our work is in a downtown Conway shop.

  • Chris Massingill Ceramics

    I am a teaching artist so I have BFA in ceramics, but I also teach High School Art during the school year and as well as small workshops and make my own Art whenever I have time.   I have a small studio in the back of my home where I spend lots of evenings and weekends.  

    I have been selling my work online for about 5 years now and while I like seeing my work go out into the world I think that shopping local is extremely important and I try to support local businesses whenever I can so I am looking forward to the Locals!

  • Arkansas Killer Bee & Tomato Farm

    Lift The Spirits, Awake The Senses & Heal Thyself! Killer Bee Wholy Healin’ Cream was conceived in 2012 out of a waste product (beeswax) from a small farming & beekeeping operation at Arkansas’ Killer Tomato Farm located in Toad Suck, AR. Farmer/Beekeeper Brian Isaac knew something could be made with the wax scraped from the frames/hives after extracting the honey. After a little research it was learned how to process the wax into a clean, valuable resource that is a main ingredient in the lotions and lip balm.

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