Smooth Yoga

True Alisandre, ERYT has been a yoga teacher since the 70's and recently retired as a massage  therapist in 2007. I call my art Pictures of Health, since they reflect smooth, spontaneous lines that I have presented to people in massages & yoga classes. 

All of my art comes from within my mind, or is inspired by the Universal Mind. I have produced my art in 81/2 X 11 framed art (some laminated) and 3 x 5 breathing cards, as well as on Breath-Inspired T-shirts. Each piece of art is intended to creatively enhance the act of breathing which many of us take for granted. I also do commissions focusing on Course in Miracles lessons, Peaceful (Defenseless Driving) and Healthy Smoking. I have produced biz-size cards for the latter two areas, in packets of 8 for helping us drive with more awareness, and smoke guiltlessly

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