Arkansas Killer Bee & Tomato Farm

Lift The Spirits, Awake The Senses & Heal Thyself! Killer Bee Wholy Healin’ Cream was conceived in 2012 out of a waste product (beeswax) from a small farming & beekeeping operation at Arkansas’ Killer Tomato Farm located in Toad Suck, AR. Farmer/Beekeeper Brian Isaac knew something could be made with the wax scraped from the frames/hives after extracting the honey. After a little research it was learned how to process the wax into a clean, valuable resource that is a main ingredient in the lotions and lip balm.

In addition to the wax and because of its awesome medicinal properties, the honey is also an ingredient in all products. It actually started when Brian teamed up with the marketing maestro, Holly Fish. A lady of the first class, who knows skincare products and has been instrumental in developing the scents and marketing of such. Since teaming up, they now offer 5 lotions, 2 soaps, a lip balm and the soon to be released, Wascally Wabbit lotion!

Back at the farm est. in 2009, Growing practices include not using any chemical fertilizers, pesti..insecti..or herbicides. I make all my fertilizer with ingredients like bat guano, kelp meal, oyster shell powder, fish bone meal, etc. I use neem oil & pyrethrum sprays and diatomaceous earth for the critters along with homemade insecticidal soaps. For disease I practice crop rotation, spray EM1, amend the soil with compost (where needed) and plant cover crops of elbon rye, hairy and chickling vetch, oats, Austrian winter peas & clover. I always keep the plants watered properly and use mulch of straw and pine needles. Visit them at

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