Krystal started like most of us did; with a box of crayons. The thing is, she spent a great deal of time breaking those crayons and melting them on light bulbs to see what new colors she could invent. (NOT an advisable behavior). Twenty some odd years later and she is still trying to create colors and experiences to both excite and inspire the eye. She finds beauty in everything and tries to capture it in her artwork. In early 2010 Krystal took on the pseudonym of Tisiphonni as an art label.

Krystal’s two main mediums are paint and color pencil, producing everything between small canvas pieces to large painted murals for children’s bedrooms. When she isn’t expressing her view of the world through color she enjoys designing line drawing for things such as tattoo flash or clip art. Two of the many things on Krystal’s bucket list are to illustrate a children’s book and to produce a coloring book. This summer she’ll be crossing the coloring book off her bucket list. They will only be available at The Locals in downtown Conway, AR.

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