Juicy Lucy

Once upon an amazing time there were 3 women friends who loved the plants and animals and stones of Earth, loved the splashes of color in all the growing, blooming things, loved the music of the sky by day and night and loved to gather weekly to share their dreams and dramas.  The 3 women found that this love they had for life began to change them from the inside out.  They got bolder and louder and juicier and helped each other think new thoughts and imagine new possibilities. 

 They looked around and saw that they could make new things and imagine new uses and add to the beauty they loved through their overflowing creativity.  The changes that were happening on the inside oozed out through their hearts and hands to craft delightfully practical household items in harmony with Earth and the new ways of thinking and living and being in this amazing time.

Juicy Lucy’s Artful Inspirations are joyfully offered through the gifts and passions of Pat Bradley, Geri Lane, and Pamela Mosley.  Long devoted to practices of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” we’ve also added Re-juice, Re-muse, Re-psychle!  Launched by a friendship that can question our self-imposed limits and conditioning, we’re now gladly a part of the greater family of The Locals, collectively supporting, inventing, sharing and showcasing some new ways for these new days.

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