Los Tibiriches

After living in Los Angeles, California for more than 30 years my husband and I decided to pack our bags and leave the congested city behind to a simpler way of living. After many trials and errors we came across a tranquil piece of land that was calling for our help. After some hard work our result was a small family-run farm. 

From grandpa tolling all day out in the fields under the hot sun, to grandma tending to the well-being of our animals, there is always something for everyone of our helpers to do. During Spring and Summer, which are the busiest seasons of the year, many of our family members travel to Arkansas to help us with the daily chores of running a farm. We have everything from free-range chickens to a friendly Alpaca. All animals are raised without hormones or antibiotics. Our produce is watered with natural well water; pesticides are never used. We at Los Tibiriches farm truly care about the wellness of our animals and produce.

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