• Happy Holidays!

    Thank you all for making our work possible in 2014. It has been a truly remarkable experience, and we appreciate everything you have done to support and encourage us.  As our time on Van Ronkle draws to a close we are eager to remind you that we will still be around and hard at work. Please continue to follow us online and stay tuned for more exciting ways to get engaged in 2015. Happy Holidays!

  • Shop The Locals Day


    Come help end this chapter of The Locals with a bang! On Saturday Dec 13th we are having a special open-house style event from 11a to 7p: Shop The Locals Day. Come find that special something and show your love for the community. Some of our farmers, artists, crafters and bakers will be present so you can get to know the people who made this project possible. Tell your friends, The Locals is going nomadic and we need your support to make 2015 another great year for the love local movement. Sandra and Beth will be at The Locals all day, come give us a hug, it will mean a lot to us!   

  • Plans for 2015


    La Lucha Space, announces plans for 2015. One of its programs, The Locals, will be temporarily closing after December 24; however, a recently awarded Local Food Promotion grant will allow the organization to continue supporting local producers, and connecting the community to local food, art, and culture.

    The USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Services grant will infuse Conway with more than $90,000 to create a local food aggregation hub and to implement pop-up farmers markets in diverse locations around town. This program has two objectives; the first is to increase the volume of food small local farmers can sell in Conway by providing an aggregation point and by helping to manage relationships between farmers, local restaurants, and other institutional buyers. “We will also continue to develop excitement and consumer education around the local food movement through pop-up farmers markets” says Director Sandra Leyva. In the Spring and Summer of 2015, the organization will be planning and implementing pop-up markets complete with street musicians, artisan goods and an attractive bike-mobile--a pedal powered cart that will allow for easy transportation and display of fresh produce.  

    In addition to this program, La Lucha Space plans to continue supporting and participating in projects and events taking place out in the community. “As we leave the space on Van Ronkle we do not intend to cease our work” says Program Director Beth Wilson Norwood, “we are merely moving into a nomadic phase, continuing our work with community organizers, the Local Food Program, the Faulkner County Urban Farm Project, and other community partners like The Lantern Theatre, Kings, and Zaza’s.

    “We feel grateful for the multitude of people who have approached us to ask what they can do to help during this transition,” said Norwood. “The best way to help is to set up a monthly recurring donation to help fund next year’s programming. Donations can be as low as $5 a month and every bit counts.” To sign up to become a super supporter please visit https://thelocals.be/super_support. If you would like to make a one-time donation you can do so at thelocals.be/donate

    “This Holiday Season, we are encouraging people to make their dollars count by shopping local and investing in the community that has formed around The Locals” say Beth and Sandra. Join them on December 13th from 11am to 7pm for “Shop The Locals Day”, an open-house style event in which some of the more than 20 producer members will be present to chat with the people who buy and enjoy the stuff they make. Don’t miss your last chance to check out The Locals on Van Ronkle and show your love for the community space.

  • Maria's Homemade Country Fare

    If you have ever met Maria you know how wonderful it is to be around her. She always has a smile on her face and a contagious laugh that reminds you that no matter what is going on, things aren't so bad. She has been making her famous jellies, salsas and pickles for many years, and has the recipes down to a science. Seasonally, you can also find her delicious chocolate dipped strawberries and cherries. Maria is an active member of the Conway farmers market, she sells her products at numerous retail locations and participates in Conway Locally Grown. Recently, she opened her own store located on 116 North Broadview, Greenbrier where you will able to find all her goodies. We can't say enough good things about Maria, she is just the best! 

  • Tammy Sue's Critters

    Tammy Sue lives in North Little Rock with her family, some chickens, honeybees and lots of goats. She milks the goats, freezes the milk in ice cube trays and then uses it to make soaps, lotions and lip balms. Her products are of top quality and you can find them in many retail locations. To scent her products she uses all natural essential oils, which range from lavender and peppermint, to gardenia and grapefruit. She jumped on The Locals bandwagon early into the project and always has kind words to encourage us with. She is amongst the most successful entrepreneurs out there, running her own business and making all her products from her home kitchen and studio. Tammy is a wonderful person to meet and a pleasure to work with.

  • Scratch

    Scratch was inspired by Lynn's love of making things from scratch. Starting with oil cloth aprons and bibs, Lynn found joy in sharing her creations with others. In addition to the aprons, Lynn makes delicious sourdough breads from a starter that dates back to 2006. Her fresh baked lemon poppy seed and brownie sourdough breads are highly coveted and usually run out within hours of being dropped off. Lynn has been part of The Locals team since the beginning of the project. She is so nice and caring that anyone who meets her gets a warm, fuzzy feeling of being appreciated. Eager to share with others, she will happily share her sourdough starter and give you advice on how to care for it. We always look forward to her deliveries early Tuesday mornings and greatly appreciate having her as part of The Locals team.

  • Style by Shanna

    This mother daughter team of artists make the cutest and geekiest stuffed toys out there. Their impressive crocheting skills bring Pacman, Pikachu, Davy Jones and other beloved characters to life. An active participant of comic conventions and craft fairs, you can always count on finding them with a contagious laugh and quick smile on their faces. In addition to the toys, they make hats, scarves, ear warmers and other cold weather accessories that are sure ways to keep you warm in the winter. Find them at https://www.facebook.com/stylebyshanna

  • Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre

    Arkshakes brings the bard to Conway every summer. The world class cast, stages and performances connect the community to the classic plays so many have enjoyed for generations. Gearing up for their 9th season, the Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre plans to tackle the thought provoking theme of individual and community identity in 2015. Special thanks to executive director Mary Ruth Marotte who is responsible for coordinating the impressive productions and, early on, threw her support and enthusiasm behind The Locals.

  • Ratchford Farms

    L.C. Ratchford is one of the most personable farmers you will ever meet. Always eager to tell the story of his farm and his products he is always happy to have people come visit his place in Marshall. We have made a couple stops on his farm during our summer farm tours and enjoyed meeting the buffalo, emus, goats and other furry friends that live there. His family has raised cattle for 150 years and has been in Marshall since the 1950's. L.C. is committed to raising his animals sustainably with an all natural grass diet, no hormones, steroids or antibiotics. This 500 acre farm has drawn attention from AETN and National Geographic who filmed a spot about Ratchford Farms that will air in December 2014. In addition to various cuts of beef, Ratchford farms offers venison, wild boar, buffalo and elk products which are as tasty as they are nutritious. You can find his products on Conway and Little Rock Locally Grown and selected retail locations around the area. 

  • Juicy Lucy

    Pat, Geri and Pamela have been long devoted to caring for the earth and all the its beings. Juicy Lucy was born when they decided to draw inspiration from common items that could be repurposed into sustainable and beautiful creations. Their positive energy and encouragement have pushed The Locals forward since its inception. In addition to their "re-juiced, re-mused and re-psychled' creations, Pamela has helped bring a weekly meditation circle into the community. The 30-minutes of mindfulness always infuses the space with good vibes and brings a diverse group of people together. Love, compassion and encouragement are the greatest gifts this group of ladies bring into our lives, and we are thankful every day for having them as part of our community.

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