• Scratch

    Scratch was inspired by Lynn's love of making things from scratch. Starting with oil cloth aprons and bibs, Lynn found joy in sharing her creations with others. In addition to the aprons, Lynn makes delicious sourdough breads from a starter that dates back to 2006. Her fresh baked lemon poppy seed and brownie sourdough breads are highly coveted and usually run out within hours of being dropped off. Lynn has been part of The Locals team since the beginning of the project. She is so nice and caring that anyone who meets her gets a warm, fuzzy feeling of being appreciated. Eager to share with others, she will happily share her sourdough starter and give you advice on how to care for it. We always look forward to her deliveries early Tuesday mornings and greatly appreciate having her as part of The Locals team.

  • Style by Shanna

    This mother daughter team of artists make the cutest and geekiest stuffed toys out there. Their impressive crocheting skills bring Pacman, Pikachu, Davy Jones and other beloved characters to life. An active participant of comic conventions and craft fairs, you can always count on finding them with a contagious laugh and quick smile on their faces. In addition to the toys, they make hats, scarves, ear warmers and other cold weather accessories that are sure ways to keep you warm in the winter. Find them at https://www.facebook.com/stylebyshanna

  • Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre

    Arkshakes brings the bard to Conway every summer. The world class cast, stages and performances connect the community to the classic plays so many have enjoyed for generations. Gearing up for their 9th season, the Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre plans to tackle the thought provoking theme of individual and community identity in 2015. Special thanks to executive director Mary Ruth Marotte who is responsible for coordinating the impressive productions and, early on, threw her support and enthusiasm behind The Locals.

  • Ratchford Farms

    L.C. Ratchford is one of the most personable farmers you will ever meet. Always eager to tell the story of his farm and his products he is always happy to have people come visit his place in Marshall. We have made a couple stops on his farm during our summer farm tours and enjoyed meeting the buffalo, emus, goats and other furry friends that live there. His family has raised cattle for 150 years and has been in Marshall since the 1950's. L.C. is committed to raising his animals sustainably with an all natural grass diet, no hormones, steroids or antibiotics. This 500 acre farm has drawn attention from AETN and National Geographic who filmed a spot about Ratchford Farms that will air in December 2014. In addition to various cuts of beef, Ratchford farms offers venison, wild boar, buffalo and elk products which are as tasty as they are nutritious. You can find his products on Conway and Little Rock Locally Grown and selected retail locations around the area. 

  • Juicy Lucy

    Pat, Geri and Pamela have been long devoted to caring for the earth and all the its beings. Juicy Lucy was born when they decided to draw inspiration from common items that could be repurposed into sustainable and beautiful creations. Their positive energy and encouragement have pushed The Locals forward since its inception. In addition to their "re-juiced, re-mused and re-psychled' creations, Pamela has helped bring a weekly meditation circle into the community. The 30-minutes of mindfulness always infuses the space with good vibes and brings a diverse group of people together. Love, compassion and encouragement are the greatest gifts this group of ladies bring into our lives, and we are thankful every day for having them as part of our community.

  • Chris Massingill Ceramics

    A former member of our Board of Directors. Chris Massingill was instrumental in getting The Locals started. Chris inspires creativity in others by teaching workshops and art classes. In addition to ceramics, she makes stamped vintage silverware and imaginative stuffed creatures. Her famous 'Cereal Killer' spoons and funny quote cards always bring smiles to people's faces. She is a wonderful artist and an active member of the art community in Conway. Always eager to participate, Chris takes her bubbly personality and a good sense of humor wherever she goes. You can find her creations at seasonal craft markets and on etsy

  • Conway Symphony Orchestra

    This organization was one of the first to join The Locals and support the project. Celebrating their 30 years of serving the community, they have truly become a Conway institution and a cornerstone for the arts. Their concert series and special events, like the Nutcracker with the Arkansas Festival Ballet (Dec.6th), are looked forward to by many.The organization works hard to cultivate the love for music in people of all ages. Proving that classical music is not reserved for the adults, their famous instrument petting zoo and kids corner activities expose children to fine music from an early age. A special thanks to Vicki Crockett, the organization's general manager, an expert at networking, always plugged in to what is happening in the community and a wonderful person to work alongside of. Find them at http://www.conwaysymphonyorchestra.org/

  • Creative Coffee Club

    These three ladies have been a constant source of support and encouragement. Since the beginning of this project, Pat, Jan and Linda have helped us turn our vision into reality. From their home-studio, the ladies get together to sip coffee and put together one of a kind pieces with materials spanning from cultured sea-glass and kazuri beads from Kenya, to lava hematite and tagua nuts from South America. They believe in sourcing materials with a conscience, making their jewelry not only beautiful but caring and compassionate. Their presence at The Locals always brightens up the space and their creations are constant source of compliments among visitors. Find them at etsy.com/shop/creativecoffeeclub

  • AR Killer Bee & Tomato Farm

    Arkansas Killer Bee and Tomato Farm: bringing you local honey, bees wax lotions and his famous Tomolives (small green tomatoes pickled like olives) small farmer Brian Isaac has been a supporter of The Locals since its inception. In the summer we had a chance to make one of our farm tour stops in his farm, where he showed us his efforts to build an all natural environment for his bees and plants. Always eager to share his knowledge and experience, you can reach out to Brian if you are interested in beekeeping or starting your own small farm http://arkillerbee.com/

  • The Locals, moving onward

    Dear friends,

        Over the last year we have had the great pleasure of getting to know and work with many of you at The Locals. Each of us at La Lucha Space have had fun making awesome stuff happen throughout the community. We certainly learned a great deal from our experience running a retail space, a coffee bar, and doing our best to serve the needs of our diverse community. With this in mind, our board has recently made the difficult decision that the best path forward for The Locals is to close our present location on December 23, 2014.  

        La Lucha Space, and The Locals, will continue to support local producers, and connect our community to local food, art, and culture during 2015.  In the spring and summer, be on the look-out for pop-up markets and other entertaining activities around the city. As we leave the space we do not intend to cease our work--we are merely moving into a nomadic phase working on our grant-funded Local Food project and the Faulkner County Urban Farm Project. To learn more about these projects keep in touch with us through Facebook, Twitter, and thelocals.be. With all of that said, we hope that you will help us make this holiday season great for our members by remembering to shop local and telling your friends to come support our community.

    At this time we would like to begin working with any and all program organizers and community organizations who want to be involved in our activities in 2015. Thank you all for all the good times, the encouragement, and your continued support. This is not a good-bye but simply the start of a new chapter, so come on by and help us make the last few weeks at The Locals, and our next phase, a blast.

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