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Student Short Film Showcase

Buy tickets to the show at

On February 26th, 2020 The Locals Movie Night will feature a selection of short films directed and produced by local students (high school, college, and others welcome!) After each film, students will have a chance to talk about their piece and answer questions from the audience. After all the movies are screened, the audience will vote for their favorite one and the winner will win a prize!

If you are interested in submitting a piece for selection please fill out this form (even if your project is not finished yet).

All submissions are due on February 10th, 2020 

Movies should be a maximum length of 10 minutes, and should be submitted in DVD format by mail to:

ATTN: The Locals. 2125 Hickory St, Conway AR 72034.

If you need help converting your film into DVD format please contact us at and we can help you sort it out.

If you have any questions please contact Felipe Pruneda at

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Conway Home Brewers Club

Do you brew your own beer, or are you interested in learning how?

The Locals is helping start Conway's Home Brewers Club. The purpose of this club is to promote fellowship, mutual support, and share knowledge amongst brewers. Anyone interested in the craft is welcome.

We will meet every third Thursday of the month at 630pm, at TBA.

Join our Facebook Group by visiting 

If you would like to sign up for the Conway Home Brewers email list, please email


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Home Brew Tickets

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Volunteer Workdays
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Children's Garden Club
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Peas Take One Veggie Cart
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Movie Night tickets

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Donate Monthly

La Lucha Space is a 501(c)3 non-profit that coordinates projects benefiting the community of Conway.  Our work represents the contributions of many diverse community members.  Your donations support our staff's work to organize programs and projects such as The Locals and the Faulkner County Urban Farm Project.  

Recurring donors are a huge help - they allow us to more easily budget and cover overhead so we can better focus on providing programs, and support small local creators.  

These funds stay in your community, they support local people doing work that strengthens the local economy and contributes to the vibrancy of our community - help us make change happen!

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Creative Coffee Club

These three ladies have been a constant source of support and encouragement. Since the beginning of this project, Pat, Jan and Linda have helped us turn our vision into reality. From their home-studio, the ladies get together to sip coffee and put together one of a kind pieces with materials spanning from cultured sea-glass and kazuri beads from Kenya, to lava hematite and tagua nuts from South America. They believe in sourcing materials with a conscience, making their jewelry not only beautiful but caring and compassionate. Their presence at The Locals always brightens up the space and their creations are constant source of compliments among visitors. Find them at

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How can I get involved?


There are many ways to get involved with The Locals and help us further our mission. 

You can volunteer to help at one of our projects or events. You can help us spread the word, and most importantly you can show up and participate! To check out upcoming events around the community click here

Finally, a great way to support our organization is by making a donation. Every little bit helps us continue offering programs and services to our community. We strongly encourage supporters to be our super heroes and set up a monthly recurring donation. These donations help us with plan for the future and pay for staffing and overhead costs--the things that are most needed but are hardest to fund. Once you set it up you don't have to think about it and you'll automatically send your love to our organization.

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Conway Symphony Orchestra

The Conway Symphony Orchestra exists to create meaningful experiences through performances and education. The Conway Symphony Orchestra is unique in many ways. We provide our pre-professional musicians an unparalleled opportunity to play alongside professionals in an orchestra setting.

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Independent Living Services

Independent Living Services is a nonprofit agency whose purpose is to assist in making a better life possible for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities in central Arkansas. Independent Living Services recognizes each person as different and provides an array of services to best meet individual needs and maximize choice. 

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Juicy Lucy

Once upon an amazing time there were 3 women friends who loved the plants and animals and stones of Earth, loved the splashes of color in all the growing, blooming things, loved the music of the sky by day and night and loved to gather weekly to share their dreams and dramas.  The 3 women found that this love they had for life began to change them from the inside out.  They got bolder and louder and juicier and helped each other think new thoughts and imagine new possibilities. 

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Tammy Sue's Critters

We are a small family farm on the Pulaski - Faulkner county line. We raise French Alpine dairy goats, honeybees and chickens. We use the fresh raw milk from our goats to make bath and beauty products. We use the wax from the bees to make additional products. It is our desire to create fine quality products using natural ingredients. We have a great passion for what we are doing, and  believe in providing an affordable product that will nuture your body.

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Maria's Home Made Country Fare

Maria’s Homemade Country Fare offers a product line of fresh jams and jellies, breads baked in a jar and a wide variety of candies. All of Maria’s products are prepared in her certified kitchen using the freshest ingredients. Her focus is on growing their own produce or purchasing from the local market, attempting to maintain chemical-free products whenever possible. There is no corn-syrup used in the making of any of her jams, butters, salsa, chow-chow.

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The Twisted Purl

As the owner and fiber artist of The Twisted Purl, Cyndi Minister has been producing handspun yarn and other handmade fiber creations since the start of 2007.  Her passion for handmade yarn and fibers began after not seeing the color combinations and textures she wanted to see in the market.  Now, The Twisted Purl is on a mission to fill the world with handspun yarn and handmade fiber goodies.

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A project that began as a summer church fundraiser soon turned into a hobby for me, and now I make and sell my oilcloth aprons and bibs at a variety of venues and craft fairs, one of which brought me to The Locals.

Being in my kitchen is something else I enjoy and am currently selling some of my jams, jellies, and bread here at The Locals. I make my jellies and jams from locally grown fruit, and all of my jelly is made from juice I make myself, with the exception of my wine jelly, which is made from homemade muscadine wine. My breads are made using a sourdough starter that was given to me in 2006.

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Urban Farm Project

The Urban Farm Project is a demonstration and educational garden for the community of Conway and surrounding areas. It is located behind the Faulkner County Library on 1900 Tyler St. Volunteers get together once or twice a week to grow food with sustainable practices. We celebrate to local food festivals a year: Backyard Gourmet in the Spring and Urban Farm Fest in the Fall. Most of the food grown is donated to the St. Peter's food pantry.

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Toadsuck, Shakespeare & Co Press

The cult-classic, cutting-edge small press Shakespeare & Co., Toad Suck was established in 2011 with the mission of publishing one innovative book per year by a voice that Burns Burns Burns! Shakespeare and Company, Toad Suck books are designed and marketed by Mark Spitzer, in homage to the legendary work of George Whitman’s incarnation of Shakespeare & Company in Paris.

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Doña Estela

Doña Estela makes beef, chicken, jalapeño cheese, and vegetarian tamales (carrots, peas, potatoes, okra and celery). You can place orders at The Locals anytime, deliveries are on Fridays.

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