• How To: Infrared Tag, Version 1.0

    We are releasing a fun new experiment into the community on Saturday, May 2nd at the North Little Rock Mini Maker Faire.  This is version 1.0 and we hope that you enjoy it enough to help us revise and improve it over time.  At the moment we are calling it IR Tag, though we're open for suggestions of catchier names.

    The basic point of IR Tag is to give us a fun little gadget we can use to bring our intangible community to life with. The idea is simple: buy a little kit, make a cool badge and switch it on while you roam around in the world. When another geek spots you they get to 'blast' you to light you up. If we wear them while we are out and about our friends and fellow geeks will be able to traverse longer distances with their hello (screw you "waving", we're in the 21st century now!). These devices make the connections in our community tangible.  Plus it's fun to see your friend realize their hit, scramble to find their blaster and hit you back.

    Read on to see the kit basics and assemble your own.  We will have a few pre-assembled kits, and a few assemble it yourself kits for people to pickup during the NLR Mini Maker Faire.  If the response is good we will order up another round and offer them for sale prior to our upcoming workshop.

    Check out the details on the workshop, where we will talk about how to customize and program your kit and be around to play with them while we scheme about how to make the game even better.

  • Mini Maker Faire

    The pop-up season is here! To find out what The Locals have been up to and where to find them next click on the poster below.



  • What is all the pop about?


    The Locals is getting ready to launch its season of pop-up events. Featuring the products and talents of local farmers, artists, musicians and techies, these events are designed to create a buzz around the 'proud to be local movement'. Pop-up events are a way for us to reach a wide audience of people, spark their interest and curiosity, and eventually, get them to engage in the conversation of why it is important to support and participate locally.

    Our goal is to create unique and unusual experiences that jolt our community out of the monotony of a culture that is too often dominated by cars, chains and big box stores. We want to create a 'local scene', to get people excited about living and participating in a place that is unlike any other. To cultivate Conway pride and create a sense of identity around the people, projects and events that happen in our town.

    There is no cookie-cutter answer to what makes a place cool. Conway is a great place to live, all we need is to let our freak flags fly and highlight the things that make us special.  


  • Spring is Here!



    As the flowers start to pop up, so will The Locals. Find out more in our blog. 

  • Pizza Party

    Join Sandra and Beth at their upcoming events

  • Thank you


    Thank you, thank you and thank you. Our Arkansas Gives campaign was a total success, we were able to raise $2,157 for The Locals and the Urban Farm Project. It was so exciting to see the number of donors and dollars increase throughout the day. We are very grateful for all the shares, likes and retweets that went out on our behalf on April 2nd. Thank you so much for being our advocates and avid supporters!

    In just one day, Arkansans raised a total of $1,968,953 for nonprofits and charitable causes. This is not only amazing but something we should all feel very proud of. Everyone stepped up to the challenge and helped organizations like ours raise funds to further our mission. Thank you for believing in our cause, we cannot express how grateful we feel to be part of this community. 

    Your support makes a huge difference and your participation is always essential to achieve our goals. We will keep you updated about The Locals pop-up schedule and the Urban Farm Project's application for next year's Arkansas GardenCorps Service Member. 

    Thanks again from Sandra L, Beth N, Shawn G, Lacey S, Sean O, Crystal B, and the rest of The Locals and Urban Farm Project team

  • Arkansas Gives

    Click on the banner!


    Dear friends and supporters please help us spread the word!

    On April 2nd we are raising funds to support The Locals and the Urban Farm Project

    On Thursday April 2, we are participating in ArkansasGives, a one-day online giving event. Between 8am and 8pm on April 2nd you can help us raise funds to advance our organization's mission through the Arkansas Gives website. With your help we can qualify to win up to $5000 in bonus dollars. Your support makes a huge difference! 

    This Spring and Summer you will find The Locals popping-up in different places around town, bringing you exciting events, such as live music, art workshops and mobile farmers market events. You can help us make Conway a more unique, vibrant and exciting place to live. To learn more about our pop-up events click here.

    Your donations will also enable us to continue hosting an Arkansas GardenCorps service member at the Urban Farm Project. Our service member is able to increase our outreach into the community, offer educational programming and donate more food to our local food pantry. To learn more about our Arkansas GardenCorps Service Member click here.

  • What is The Locals


    Click through this presentation about The Locals, our mission, and the things we do in Conway. 

  • Why Pop-ups?


    This Spring and Summer you might find yourself asking: what is that contraption The Locals are riding around town?

    As part of The Locals Food Hub project we are creating a bike cart that will allow us to pop-up in different places around Conway, bringing out The Locals experience into the community. Pop-up events turn public spaces into temporary venues for markets, studios, workshop and other interactive experiences. The Locals pop-up events will feature local products and fun activities like art and tech workshops, live music and other public art performances.

    With the help of our bike cart we will be able to show up and transform any place into a unique and exciting environment where people are encouraged to participate and create. The Locals pop-up events are a way for us to spark people’s interest and feature the talents of local producers by giving them a space to engage and connect to the community. Often changes start with building something small and we think that pop-up events will be able to ignite  the culture of Downtown Conway and surrounding neighborhoods by uncovering the hidden potential of our community.

    With your help we can fund all this fun! Click here to help us raise funds on April 2nd through the Arkansas Gives website.

  • Why GardenCorps?



    Arkansas GardenCorps is a program of the Arkansas Children's Hospital Childhood Obesity Prevention, its mission is to promote the use of school and community gardens to increase environmental awareness and sustainable agriculture practices in Arkansas communities. GardenCorps members serve in school and community gardens across the state to develop and maintain gardens, conduct garden-based education, and build volunteer and community support for sustainability of gardens.

    In 2014, the Faulkner County Urban Farm Project became an AR GardenCorps service site, and has been hosting Crystal Bowne since September. Since Crystal starting serving the garden has seen dramatic improvements in its ability to reach into the community. The garden, which used to be ran by volunteers a couple hours a week, is now staffed for three hours, five days a week. A more consistent schedule has also allowed Crystal to coordinate more activities with the library’s adult and children’s program directors, such as a children's scarecrow making activity, a seed swap, a green reader book club and a children's garden club. 

    Thanks to Crystal, we have been able to extend our growing season into the winter and donate more food to the St. Peter's Food Pantry (225 pounds to date!). She has also started collaborating with the Women’s Shelter of Central Arkansas, the Faulkner County Day School and the Bethlehem House to start and maintain their own gardens.

    For all of these reasons and more we are looking forward to hosting another Service Member in 2015-2016 and we need your help to make that happen. The Arkansas GardenCorps program requires a $5,500 match to host a full-time service member and we have till April 6th to make our goal. Click here to help us raise funds on April 2nd through the Arkansas Gives website.

    For more info on Arkansas Gardencorps click here



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