• The July Farm Tour

    Saturday’s farm tour was a wonderful experience. As the day progressed, so did our understanding of and appreciation for what goes into the food that we eat. We learned how a cool and rainy spring can have a profoundly negative effect on the farmers, and their goods. Most importantly, we got to connect with community members and each other in a way that we don’t usually take the time to do.

  • Welcome

    Thanks for checking out our blog!  This is the place where the staff and volunteers of La Lucha Space (and therefore projects like The Locals and The FC Urban Farm Project) will discuss their experiences, opinions, and other random thoughts on what's happening in our community.  Like any information you come across - we don't expect you to agree with or believe everything we say.. in fact, we encourage you to put on those critical thinking caps right alongside us.  Blog posts don't represent the organization as a whole, they are our effort to let more voices inside our organization represent themselves... and share what they do.

  • Artist Professional Development Opportunity

    The Locals is launching a series of networking and professional development events geared towards local professional artists titled “How Not To Starve: Professional Development for Artists”. The first meeting, will be  a mixer taking place on July 17th at 8pm at The Locals, 1024 Van Ronkle in Downtown Conway. At this event artists will have the opportunity to meet  and interact with local colleagues and other art professionals. Organizers will obtain feedback and record suggestions about what kind of opportunities participants are interested in having in future events.


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