Ratchford Farms

L.C. Ratchford is one of the most personable farmers you will ever meet. Always eager to tell the story of his farm and his products he is always happy to have people come visit his place in Marshall. We have made a couple stops on his farm during our summer farm tours and enjoyed meeting the buffalo, emus, goats and other furry friends that live there. His family has raised cattle for 150 years and has been in Marshall since the 1950's. L.C. is committed to raising his animals sustainably with an all natural grass diet, no hormones, steroids or antibiotics. This 500 acre farm has drawn attention from AETN and National Geographic who filmed a spot about Ratchford Farms that will air in December 2014. In addition to various cuts of beef, Ratchford farms offers venison, wild boar, buffalo and elk products which are as tasty as they are nutritious. You can find his products on Conway and Little Rock Locally Grown and selected retail locations around the area. 

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