2021 Accomplishments

2021 was a bit of a turmoil and who knows what 2022 will bring, but all things considered 2021 wasn't too shabby for The Locals. One way or another, we were able to continue supporting and promoting projects that benefit our community. We'd like to share with you some of last year's accomplishments:
-The food recovery program partnering with Harps completed another year of donations to the Bethlehem house; 
-We gave out two garden grants--one for Mayflower elementary school, and one for UCA's department of student transition; 
-We received a grant from the Arkansas Community Foundation to launch a marketing campaign for places that sell local food, and to try to increase access to that food by signing farmers up to accept EBT (food stamps)
 -Through our partnership with the Green Space Initiative and the Conway Tree Board, we gave a grant to plant a tree in the 5th Avenue Park;
-We also gave out two grants to the Urban Farm Project-- one to pay for the design of the proposed Conway Library Pavilion (see attached picture), and one to buy a freezer to provide storage for food used in community events, as well as a place to house part of the seed library collection;
We are able to do all this with the help of people like you, our community partners, and everyone who shows up and participates. If you'd like to give us an extra hand, consider making a donation or becoming a super supporter. Learn more at https://www.thelocals.be/super_support
Thank you so much and we hope to keep making our community a more creative, unique and vibrant place to live in 2022 :) 
Stay safe!

Sandra Leyva





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