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Garden Press

Garden Press is a fresh juice company local to the Little Rock area. We provide daily fruit and vegetable juice that is sourced from the organic farms and gardens in our local community. Select from our nutrient-dense, seasonal blends for optimum flavor, or ask us to blend a juice to your specific wellness needs or desires! We are here to make fresh juice more accessible to you. We buy the produce from our local growers, juice it, and handle all the cleanup so you don't ever have to again! 

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Julia Pistole

Julia Pistole is a writer and artist from Clinton, Arkansas who specializes in poetry and portraits. She is the founder of Poetry for Peace, an organization that benefits The Dove House through sales of her recently published book, "Old Hats, Rosy Cheeks, and Young Hearts." Her poetry has been published in various literary magazines and newspapers, including The Van Buren County Democrat, Vox Poetica, and The Vortex. 

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Los Tibiriches

After living in Los Angeles, California for more than 30 years my husband and I decided to pack our bags and leave the congested city behind to a simpler way of living. After many trials and errors we came across a tranquil piece of land that was calling for our help. After some hard work our result was a small family-run farm. 

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Hey everybody,
We are collaborating with the Urban Farm Project to form a book club. We are meeting for the first time, at the FC library, on Feb 3rd at 530pm. The first book of the series is called The Seed Revolution by Janisse Ray. To see more events related to seeds , see our blogpost http://www.thelocals.be/seeds_of_change
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