Farm Tour

We had such a great time at farm tour! Fifteen of us plus some tag alongs had the chance to visit the Faulkner County Urban Farm Project, Bell Urban Farm, Strack Farm and Calvert Enterprises. They all had different stories but they all taught us about the hard work involved in small scale farming. 

At the Urban Farm Project we learned about a whole bunch of plants: fruit trees, natives, ornamental, veggies, herbs and flowers--we even got to see a cotton plant, which even though most of us were probable wearing few had ever seen!




At Bell Urban Farm we saw how it is possible to farm within city limits. We had a chance to tour around the garden, check out the greenhouse and the food hub (cold storage for deliveries and pick-ups), and meet all the chickens, including Snowball the rooster.




Ms. Phyllis Strack told us all about her family's farming history, and how she is trying to raise the next generation of farmers to continue the tradition. Her grandson happily walked along with us in his ninja outfit, which I'm sure he'll soon change for overalls.

These pictures are courtesy of our good friend Olena Kasian




Finally, Joe Calvert, his wife Nikki and 5 little ones showed us around and told us all about the great adventure of starting a farm. From honing in on their specialty blend of lettuces, to figuring out how to wash it all in a system that includes watering troughs, a retrofitted vacuum, and a washing machine (think spin dry!) the process is always being perfected.

These pictures are courtesy of our good friend Olena Kasian



Small farmers are today's super heroes, growing food that is good for our bodies, our communities and the earth! We are lucky to have such great people in our community, so next time you see a farmer, give them a hug!

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