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Local food, everywhere

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In the last post, Sandra mentioned our partnership with New South Produce Cooperative (and you should definitely check out their new website!). Many folks are already participating in the CSA they offer, which brings local food to the home. Now I'd like to talk about the other piece of the puzzle - bringing local food to you when you're not at home. The Locals has been working with local restaurants that also want to use farm fresh ingredients grown right here in Arkansas. We've had a good response from several local businesses, including Zaza's, Cross Creek Sandwich Shop, and The Patio Cafe; as well as food trucks like Roxy's Twisted Sandwiches and WunderBus.

There are a few things you can do to help! One is to stop by the places that are participating. Tell them you heard they use local ingredients, and you appreciate it. The other is to mention at any restaurant you go to that you'd like to see local food on the menu. In Conway, tell them about us and the work that we're doing, and in Little Rock mention the New South Produce Cooperative. Even if you find yourself far from home, mentioning that you care about where things are coming from can have a big impact!

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