What is all the pop about?


The Locals is getting ready to launch its season of pop-up events. Featuring the products and talents of local farmers, artists, musicians and techies, these events are designed to create a buzz around the 'proud to be local movement'. Pop-up events are a way for us to reach a wide audience of people, spark their interest and curiosity, and eventually, get them to engage in the conversation of why it is important to support and participate locally.

Our goal is to create unique and unusual experiences that jolt our community out of the monotony of a culture that is too often dominated by cars, chains and big box stores. We want to create a 'local scene', to get people excited about living and participating in a place that is unlike any other. To cultivate Conway pride and create a sense of identity around the people, projects and events that happen in our town.

There is no cookie-cutter answer to what makes a place cool. Conway is a great place to live, all we need is to let our freak flags fly and highlight the things that make us special.  


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