What is La Lucha Space?


La Lucha Space is the legal name of The Locals. La Lucha Space, DBA The Locals, is a 501(c)(3) community nonprofit. Our mission is to create strong communities of co-producers (consumers actively engaged with the process of production) in Central Arkansas focusing on food security, economic opportunity for local producers, and cultural production. We are dedicated to supporting and promoting local food, art and a culture of collaboration and creativity.


In 2011, La Lucha Space incorporated as a non-profit organization and started serving as an umbrella for several community projects, including the Faulkner County Urban Farm Project, The Locals Food Hub, The Locals Nomadic Geek and the Farmers Market Promotion Program.


La Lucha has been involved in countless activities and events, including ArtsFest, Tinkerfest, Ecofest, a Deferred Action workshop, farm tours, local food festivals and many more. Our belief is that anyone has the capacity to make a difference, and that all it takes is a bit of planning and coordinating to make things happen. So all we do, is listen to people's ideas, give them some support and encouragement and help transform those ideas into reality.

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