The Locals, moving onward

Dear friends,

    Over the last year we have had the great pleasure of getting to know and work with many of you at The Locals. Each of us at La Lucha Space have had fun making awesome stuff happen throughout the community. We certainly learned a great deal from our experience running a retail space, a coffee bar, and doing our best to serve the needs of our diverse community. With this in mind, our board has recently made the difficult decision that the best path forward for The Locals is to close our present location on December 23, 2014.  

    La Lucha Space, and The Locals, will continue to support local producers, and connect our community to local food, art, and culture during 2015.  In the spring and summer, be on the look-out for pop-up markets and other entertaining activities around the city. As we leave the space we do not intend to cease our work--we are merely moving into a nomadic phase working on our grant-funded Local Food project and the Faulkner County Urban Farm Project. To learn more about these projects keep in touch with us through Facebook, Twitter, and With all of that said, we hope that you will help us make this holiday season great for our members by remembering to shop local and telling your friends to come support our community.

At this time we would like to begin working with any and all program organizers and community organizations who want to be involved in our activities in 2015. Thank you all for all the good times, the encouragement, and your continued support. This is not a good-bye but simply the start of a new chapter, so come on by and help us make the last few weeks at The Locals, and our next phase, a blast.

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