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The Locals invites local farmers, artists, and crafters to join The Locals Mobile Market. As part of this program The Locals will carry a selection of produce, and a curated offering of local arts & crafts in their Mobile Marketplace bike cart to sell at pop-up market events. Pop-up market events will take place at different places around town.

The great part of this program is that while we market your product we will also be telling your story and selling your branded products. That way you, as a producer, can focus on what you do best–making amazing products.

How it Works

All participating vendors pay a $20 annual fee due at sign-up time.

All items sold at pop-up markets are sold on consignment for a 20% retail fee (that is 20% of the total amount sold by each vendor through the Mobile Market)

Artists/Value Added Products:

The Locals staff will help you choose a selection of your products that will be carried with them to pop-up market events. These products will be sold on consignment for a 20% retail fee. These items are considered wholesale so The Locals will be collecting and submitting sales taxes for the products sold. The producers and items featured in these pop-up market events will be rotated so as to keep inventory fresh and interesting, as well as to give all producers the opportunity to be featured at pop-up events. Items sold through the mobile market must be marked with the vendor’s brand and price. The Locals staff will update you on your inventory. Producers are responsible for stocking The Locals with products and making arrangements for delivery of such items.


The Locals staff will help farmers choose a selection of produce that can be sold within an appropriate time frame based on the shelf life of each particular product. The goal of this program is to prevent product loss (produce that you would otherwise have to throw away), especially at the end of conventional farmers markets. The Locals pop-up markets are designed to extend the time local food is available and expand access to local produce.

Farmers will deliver products they want to try to sell at pop-up markets to The Locals. All items sold will be charged a 20% consignment fee. Produce that is not sold will be considered a loss with the understanding that farmers will not be compensated for items that are not sold.

Due to the nature of the mobile marketplace, there is a limited space to safely transport and store produce. The Locals staff will help you choose the items and amounts of produce that they can carry. Each participating farmer will be responsible for making arrangements to deliver products, which should be labeled with the farmer’s name and pre-packaged (for example in one pound bags, a quart, etc.) for easy retail sale. Farmers must also include a pricelist for the products to be sold by The Locals staff. Products will be taken at a first come first serve basis during the delivery schedule. Farmers are responsible for making arrangements to stock The Locals Mobile Market with their products.

Artist/Crafter Commitments

 To only sell products of their own original handcrafted work.

(The Locals does not accept commercially manufactured products or items manufactured from molds or kits, toxicity in a finished piece, or non-original designs)

To properly label and package products with the name of the artist and price.

To submit items to The Locals ready for display and sale.

To submit an item inventory with prices of all the products you deliver to The Locals.

Value Added Commitments

To only sell products you made.

To deliver high quality products.

To produce all value-added products in proper licensed facilities when required by law. 

To list clearly all ingredients of value-added products in product descriptions.

To give The Locals staff an item inventory and price list of your products.

Farmer Commitments

To farm within Arkansas.

To deliver an invoice with each delivery.

To only sell products that you produced on your farm.

To describe growing practices in detail so The Locals staff can communicate those to consumers.

To allow The Locals staff to schedule a visit or farm tour to your farm at least once per calendar year.

To deliver high quality products.

The Locals retains the right to remove items from the market if quality complaints are made or to reduce the amount charged to the customer and pass that discount back to the grower through the reduction of their payment.

To weigh and clearly label products with farm’s name and price before delivering to The Locals.

To submit items to The Locals ready for display and sale.

 To apply contact [email protected]


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