Talking about Ferguson MO

The events in Ferguson Missouri over the last week have been tragic in the loss of a life and the undercurrent of racism and dehumanization that it has exposed. Events like the shooting of Michael Brown are all too common in America these days, but what sets this shooting apart is not any aspect of its unique horror, but the valiant and brave response of the community in which it happened. The people of Ferguson have refused to be silent in their call for justice and have achieved international coverage and support for their struggle.  The gulf between the Ferguson Police department and the community that they were sworn to protect did not happen over night, nor was it inevitable that another black kid was going to end up dead in the streets. I am new to the conway area, but I have ties to what is going on in ferguson and would like to know if there are people in this area that see the issue of racism as one worth talking about and mobilizing around before it is someone from conway that we are mourning. 

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