Moving Forward With a New Look.

As The Locals moves forward with our newest projects, we are excited to do so with an updated logo. We are thrilled to unveil our logo for The Locals Food Hub. The logo was designed by a good friend, and talented designer/illustrator Brian Benham (for more information about his work stay tuned for an upcoming blog post about his work, and check out his LinkedIn page). 

Drum roll please.....


Our fantastic new logo features three basic elements each designed to communicate The Locals Food Hub identity--a bike gear, a sprout, and our name. Read below the jump for a short explanation of each. 

The Locals: We wanted to continue to use the lettering from the first incarnation of The Locals. This text was created using a hand drawn letters by Thomas Fumo. 

Sprout: This element references the idea of growing and the potential that small things can become big ones. It also references the primary goal of The Locals Food Hub, which is to get more locally grown food into the hands of the people in our community, and to support the farmers who produce it. 

Bike Gear: The bike gear has numerous meanings--first, it references the fact that we are going to be mobile, popping up in different places around town. It also refers to the pedal powered delivery cart. A bike-cart will be the mascot for The Locals Food Hub; when you see us peddling around town you can be sure we are on our way to a great event with local food in tow. Be sure to follow our blog to see our bike-cart come to life!

The bike gear also refers the idea that The Locals Food Hub will serve as a central point of contact for local food producers, restaurants, and wholesale buyers. and other consumers. From this hub, The Locals will help get more local food into the hands and mouths of our community. 

Those of you who are very observant might have noticed the position of the gear. If you look closely you will notice that gear is slightly off center being slightly tilted to the right indicating that the gear, like The Locals, is moving forward! 

Keep your eyes peeled, because our new logo, our awesome bike-cart, and The Locals events will start popping up soon! 

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