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We rely heavily on you, our local food consumers and producers, to help us keep this directory up to date.  The folks at AFLN and The Locals are working hard together to create a living guide to participating in the local food movement in Arkansas. For that reason we have created a simple way for you to let us know if we are missing someone or something, and keep the existing entries accurate and up to date. 

Add an Entry to Fresh                      Report an Update or Problem

In order to ensure that the directory remains a high-quality resource The Locals team reviews your additions and updates before they go live.  We don't have a formal vetting process, so primarily we are just preventing spam entries.  With that in mind, don't worry if you don't see your addition for a few days. If the info you gave us is accurate and the entity has a strong connection to the local food economy, it will be added.  

We are not operating the directory with a strict definition of what makes something "local". There is a spectrum ranging from locally owned and operated establishments with some locally sourced ingredients/products to die-hard all local sourced.  Consumers should use their judgement, ask restaurants and retailers about sourcing and be hunters of fresh, locally sourced and sustainable food. 

Every time you ask someone what's locally sourced on the menu or in the store proprietors are reminded that consumers want to know who & where their food comes from.


Future planned updates to the directory include: separating restaurants and retailers, a better way of finding food trucks using local food, and the addition of a category for locally roasted coffee.  You can support this project by using it, sharing it with your friends, or donating to support the people who maintain it.


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