Join as Artist/Crafter

articon.pngIf  you make something creative, crafty or artistic we are interested.  We work to have a diverse offering that showcases the many skills of our community.  The more handmade the better, repurpose and up-cycle is encouraged.  If that sounds like you and you are interested please answer a few basic questions and we'll reach out to you about membership and when you will be reviewed by the board.

Artist Membership is currently $25 / month, with a 12.5% commission. A pre-approved product display for products or a $50 one-time set-up fee will be due after board approval.


Tell us about what you create and plan to sell. Briefly let us know about the what, how, where of your product(s).

We'd love to know what sorts of things you plan to sell, and anything that will be important to understanding your product. We'll email you with any follow-up questions later.

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