Giving Tuesday

The Locals joins the national #GivingTuesday campaign. Click here to make a recurring donation or here to donate once. Every little bit makes a difference. Thank you for your support!


#GivingTuesday is a national campaign that promotes charitable giving during the Holiday Season. This is the first year our organization has had a public presence in Downtown Conway and we need your support to keep bringing you the live music, workshops, open mic nights and other special events that bring our community together. Our #GivingTuesday campaign encourages you to invest in your local community by making a recurring or one time donation you can help our organization fund the programs and activities that keep making Conway a cool place to live. Our goal is to raise $750 in order to help our staff develop and coordinate community programs.

When you support The Locals, you support a network of local farmers, artists, crafters and community organizations working together to have a place that features their work and celebrates their talent and creativity. The idea of The Locals started when we recognized that the best way we could serve our community was by making it easier to support each other and invest in the local economy. Since none of us could afford to have a place of our own, we decided to get together and share a space that could consistently reach the general public with our products and stories.

This #GivingTuesday, think of the little guys trying to make a difference in your community. We work really hard to help people transform ideas into reality and with your help we can continue doing meaningful work.

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