Los Tibiriches

This week Beth and I had the pleasure to go visit Los Tibiriches, a family farm located in Acklin Gap Conway. Martha Rojos, and her parents, work in 20 out of the 100 acre property they care for. Slowly but surely, they keep expanding their very own garden of Eden by planting more and more patches of flowers, vegetables, berries and fruit trees. The sheer amount of animals roaming through the place makes you feel like you are one with nature. Hundreds of chickens, peacocks, guineas, rabbits, parrots, a donkey, some sheep, dogs and cats make part of the big happy family. Martha and her mom can tell you the names and ages of almost every animal in the farm. They have nurtured most from the time they hatch and whenever they are wounded. 


It is heart warming to see a family so dedicated to caring for the land and the animals that roam free and happy. Martha has been participating in farmers markets for years, most recently in the newly formed Downtown Conway farmers market. If you didn't guess it already, she sells lots of delicious and freshly picked eggs, as well as the fruits and vegetables of the season. On occasion, she also sells whole chickens, pork and lamb. This year, things have been a little slower at the farm. The weather has been too wet and not sunny enough for their plants to grow. But as Martha says, that is just how farming is. You never know exactly what to expect.


Martha is  a great resource in the community of small farmers in Conway, having been around for so many years, she knows almost everyone who works the land and what they produce. She is always ready to get involved with community efforts and has been a great supporter of The Locals since its inception in 2013. Next time you stop by the Downtown farmers market, or at one of The Locals pop-up market events, ask for her. She is happy to tell you her story and share the knowledge of the miracles of nature she has gleaned over the years of hard and compassionate work in the farm.


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