Thanks for checking out our blog!  This is the place where the staff and volunteers of La Lucha Space (and therefore projects like The Locals and The FC Urban Farm Project) will discuss their experiences, opinions, and other random thoughts on what's happening in our community.  Like any information you come across - we don't expect you to agree with or believe everything we say.. in fact, we encourage you to put on those critical thinking caps right alongside us.  Blog posts don't represent the organization as a whole, they are our effort to let more voices inside our organization represent themselves... and share what they do.

We do hope you'll enjoy the blog. If you've got suggestions - please don't hesitate to let us know!  If you'd like to submit a post - even better! Just reach out to our team through the contact forms.

Thanks for being involved in this dynamic community, we hope to see you around downtown, out at the garden, or at one of the events of our member organizations... 

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