WunderHaus and The Locals

The Locals and WunderHaus are partnering to create a Green Space Fund!

Part of the proceeds from the WunderHaus' Seasonal Markets is going toward creating a Green Space fund for the establishment and upkeep of green spaces, including a permanent home for the Farmer’s Market and Pollinator friendly gardens throughout Conway. For more info on the Sesonal Markets click here.

Our vision for the Green Space Fund ranges from small green spaces dotted around the city, to a permanent structure (like a pavilion) to host a unified farmers market for the City of Conway that incorporates public art installations, ornamental garden areas for pollinators, a sitting area, and a place for concerts, performances and other special events.

We know this is a GRAND vision, but if we are going to have a dream, why not make it a BIG one?!

The Green Space fund is intended to foster the development of spaces that remind us of the wonder in the natural world, to bring awareness about the critical role that pollinators play in our survival as a species, and to promote sustainable land management practices. 

The City of Conway is one of the top five expanding cities in Arkansas. As it expands, the number of new neighborhoods, businesses, and parking lots are bound to increase. Of course, with population comes urban sprawl, and with that, habitat loss for wildlife and pollinators. Our hope is to foster the development and maintenance of spaces like community food forests, urban community gardens, and pollinator habitats.

We feel that now, more than ever, economic development needs to be balanced by responsible ecosystem management. It is our great hope that we can make a positive impact on the world as a whole, one small, thoughtful step at a time.

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